Sunday, June 29, 2008

It Happened...

For the first time I thought about my father like he was still alive. I was watching Saturday Night Live (the first one with George Carlin) and thought to myself, "I should call Dad and ask if he saw this one."

Wow. That was weird. I knew it would happen, but up until now it was more of a wish than an actual thought.

I talk to my mom every night just to reassure myself she's still there. I wish I lived closer. But hopefully we will soon.

In September, we're planning a trip to Maine to scatter my dad's ashes. Just me, my mom and my brother. And my dad in a way. It's going to be hard, but in the long run, I think it will be good for all of us. I've never been to Maine, but my mom says he really loved it when they went on a vacation there. We will scatter him in the ocean. I love the ocean.

I was reading articles on grief tonight. It's the first time I have. Of course they just tell you what you already know. That everyone handles it differently. But it helped to know that it will take time and it's normal. It might be the first time I have been normal. *grin*

Oh, and in good news, so that this blog isn't totally depressing, I got past the block in my latest book. I untangled the scene I was working on and can now move forward. That was a relief!

Okay, I need to go to bed. I'll be back tomorrow (or later today) to update the schedule. I have another interview this week!

Stay tuned.

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