Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yummy Cowboys--My Interview with Destiny Blaine!

Thanks to Crystal who sent out the word that I was looking for writers to interview, I was able to meet the wonderful Destiny Blaine. She writes about gambling and cowboys. Did I mention cowboys? She was a great sport about dealing with my lack of interview skills. Please pick up her books wherever ebooks are sold!

So without further ado, here is my interview with Destiny-the uncut version:

On a scale of 1-10, how awesome do you think I am? Be honest. You can go higher than 10 if you like. (No excuses about how you don’t know me and stuff like that).

Oh wow, I couldn’t even begin to place a numerical value on infinite perfection. Definitely above a ten—oh yeah, certainly more than ten (Smiles) Plus ten, let’s leave it at that. Ha!

I see from your website you like to gamble. Can you teach me how to bluff?

I don’t know, do you have lying eyes? If you do, then you’re on and if not, hide them. I suggest Ray-Bans. Would I make a great spokesperson for the Ray-Ban brand or what?

Okay, here is the hard hitting question… What is your favorite flower?
Orchids and Tulips—and I can’t pick between the two. Remember, I’m fickle. Tomorrow, it may be purple and black roses. Maybe.

I see you’ve won an award (Predators and Editors 2007 Best Romance Short Story for Casino Player). Can I have it? I want an award!

In a word? No. (Laughs) Well, okay, you can have it—but Jim Sturgess must stop by to pick it up or all bets are off.

Can I have your cover for Beyond the Valley? Not for one of my books. I just want to sleep with it besides my bed.

Okay, you can have Beyond the Valley. After all, I can relate, the cowboy on the front of the cover does look good enough to errr..ride! And why not, frame perfection? But, check out A Matter Among Men too—the cowboy on this cover looks good enough to tie up to a bedpost and yes, keep him there for days and days and—okay, I’ll behave. My teenagers might read this and ground me from blogging (translation—stop me from embarrassing them).

Can you name a character after me? What if I bribe you?

Let’s discuss this because I can and will. How bad do you want to be? Do you want to tie up your hero or be tied up? Battery-operated or Rubbermaid dolls. (Snickers) Are you sure you want to be in the next one because I’m thinking kink for my next story. No bribe necessary—it would be my pleasure to write my friends into a book or short novella!

Your website mentions spice. If you were a spice, which one would you be?

Hmmm—is this a trick question?

I have a Granny who lives in Tennessee. Do you know her?

Sure! Sure! She said to tell you hello and oh yes, she also said to let you know that she is very impressed with the guests you interview on your blog. Imagine. Who would’ve thought?

Okay, this is your turn to add whatever you want. Promote, etc… I’ll be over here trying to find my way ‘beyond the valley’ on Google Maps.

Make sure you join me and author Ann Cory for Just Another Paranormal Monday ( each Monday from early morning to late at night! We chat it up about all things paranormal and you never know who you might find there! You’re always invited!

Be sure to watch for these titles coming soon! Winning Virgin Love, Winning Virgin Lust, A Matter Among Men, Unspoken Truths and the entire Unspoken Series (Whispers).

Also, can I have a moment or two for a shameless plug or two? Okay, here goes—My first paranormal novel Winning Virgin Blood gained phenomenal reviews so check it out here: Winning Virgin Blood and yes, Beyond the Valley has a to-die-for cowboy so check it out too at Beyond the Valley.

Thanks so much for allowing me to be here with you! And don’t forget, if you find either cowboy on the covers mentioned above, do remind him that I have his rope!


Jennifer A. said...

Great interview!!! I do love me some cowboys!

Off to find that valley...

Destiny Blaine said...

Good morning Duckie!!! Good morning Melly! It's great to be here today and I want to thank Melanie for such an awesome introduction and truly fun interview!

Looks like 'the' place to be for good times!

Hugs, Destiny

Anonymous said...

There is a young lady called Destiny

Who sure knows how to get to me

She writes scorchers by day

And lassos men by night

And all i want to know is what's left for me?

We all just love Destiny and as for her books, well they're hot, sexy, sensual, naughty, a real battle of the sexes,
terrific page turners....... what more could you ask for?

a happy ole chickie in ole london town...........who loves cowboys, men in uniform, and men of the night......ah the mystery of it all!

Destiny Blaine said...


I just 'wub' you! How are you lady? What's up with you? Leave a link for your poetry if you're still around, please ma'am.

(Turns around to tell everyone--EMMA'S POEMS ROCK!)

Hugs, Destiny

Wendi said...

Cowboys? Did somebody say cowboys??? ;D

Hey, Destiny! Hilarious interview! And yes ma'am, I do love your cowboys, tied to the bedpost or not. :)

The cover gods have definitely been with you my friend. Have you framed any of those pretty little pieces of art?

Wendi Darlin

Jennifer A. said...

Good morning, Destiny!! Your interview was very entertaining and I am very interested in checking out your books now!!

Bet you are wishing you rated Melly's awesomeness on a higher scale now, aren't ya?? LOL

Destiny Blaine said...


Glad to see you here! Yes, I need to begin saving all cowboy covers---including yours for COWBOY GAMES! WOA! He looks like he has his back up against the wall just waiting on me. LOL. *Sigh* I love to dream...


You’re right. I should’ve gone much, much higher on Melly’s greatness-scale! LOL! She’s just ‘da bomb’ as my teenagers like to say (not when they’re talking about me, of course). Glad you’re here today! Check out Wendi’s Cowboy Games and my Winning Virgin Blood over at Siren at: and stick around today--I'll run contests a bit later!!! :))

Thank you both for stopping by!


Happily Ever After Authors said...

ROTFLMAO -- This is great ladies!

Definitely the most entertaining interview I've ever read.

Thanks for the smiles.


Destiny Blaine said...

Bekki! Thanks for being here! Now I know where you get that "Psychic Hitch" because I was just thinking about you!

Ladies and gentleman, Bekki Lynn is a Siren author too and you can check her out too at:

I'll be back soon! (I have an edit calling my name--'destiny...oh miss slacker..your edits are past due')


Did you hear that? :)) Be back soon! Hugs!


Anonymous said...

Hey Destiny!

Studs in spurs! Has there ever been a better source of inspiration for a romantic hero?

I'm behind on everything, but I must say that I'm going to schedule in checking out your cowboy novels, now that I finished Wendi's book.

Jenny Penn

Jami Davenport said...

Great interview, Destiny. I loved it. Really entertaining.

A woman can certainly get her cowboy fill around here.

Jennifer A. said...

Did somebody say contest?? Can I win a cowboy.. with rope included?

Destiny Blaine said...

WOO! HOO! Look at this—Jenny Penn AND Jami Davenport—both ladies in ONE SPOT~ Yeehaw! (Yes, I know—the country slang is a bit much but that’s okay, we’re talking cowboys and vampires and I can’t get the vocals for vamps quite right)

Ahem…Welcome Jenny and Jami! Both of these talented authors have some fantastic new upcoming titles so check them out at Siren today! You’ll want to mark their book release dates down!

And yep, Duckie—I have a contest—actually two! I’ll go ahead and kick one off right now! (Are you excited? Can you feel the energy flutter across the room?)

Let’s kick it off: Since I’ve tossed out all the free copies of Winning Virgin Blood and Beyond the Valley that I have to give away, (eeek—I know, it’s hard to imagine but all of my designated author copies are out the door), I have to choose a new release that I think you all might enjoy as much.

I have one!!!


If you want to know more about Fantasy Man, go to and check him out.

Then, go to my blog and leave a message pertaining to the hot cover I just posted today:

Then, post here and later today, I’ll draw a lucky winner who will win a FREE PDF file of Fantasy Man!

Hugs and love, Destiny :))

PS And another contest will post after 5 today! YAY!

Ann Cory said...

*waves to Destiny* Hi hon!! Loved the interview sweets :) I'm having a great time hosting Paranormal Monday with you - it sure makes Mondays worthwhile!!!

Now about some of those answers... lol ;)

*tossing confetti*
~Ann Cory

Anonymous said...

Hey Destiny,

I went to buy Beyond the Valley, but I'm having problems with Extasy's website. Any other place to pick it up at?


char10 said...

loved the interview Destiny.I just started readin' Beyond The is that cowboy yummy.see you on monday at favorite place to hang.

Unknown said...

Hi all!

Thanks for coming to my blog today! And thank you Destiny for being such a joy to interview!

And I'm not just talking about the cowboys. ;) Mmm


Renee Knowles said...

Okay, how could I resist a post that begins with "Yummy Cowboys"?

Hi Destiny! You are one busy lady. Nice interview! Cool questions. :)

I wish I was more of a gambler... But then again, I suppose I'm gambling that I'll get this book I'm working on done by deadline. So, I'd better scoot!



Destiny Blaine said...

YIPPPPEEEE! Ann Cory. Where, oh where, have you been this fine day?

I could’ve called on you to send over a handsome cover model to make my edits more tolerable.


OH! AND listen up friends, I have a very important announcement...


ATTENTION!!!! I recently read Vows of a Vampire and this is a MUST, MUST, MUST-READ title! Go get it now from Total e-Bound!!!!


HEY Jenny!

HOLY MOLY! I’ll go check that out right now! We don’t want sales to slip through the cracks. Uh-huh. Not here. YIPPPPEEE! Thank you, lady. You just rocked my world. Yep, you did! :)) Now, I have to go check out Extasy Books and see if it was a temporary thing--I bet it is so hang tight--be right back with details!




What’s up today lady? I’m actually going to check out those Bathory links you sent tonight. Yep, my husband brought home a WHOLE BOTTLE of Sour Apple Pucker (not like he would bring home ½ a bottle—lol) and I’m going to drink an Apple Martini tonight and refuse to work! Well, sort of, I want to conduct some research and you gave me the means to do it with those awesome links. :))

Hope you love Jonathan Woodwine! Let me know what you think of Beyond the Valley! See you Monday!



You can interview me any day of the week but you cannot, I repeat, *cannot* ride my cowboys! Because they’re fictional! LOL! (And see, here you thought I meant something else!) What will I do with you today? (Smiles and hugs)

I’ve enjoyed blogging with you!


Hey Renee!!!!

Well, with GOING TOPLESS, I guess one might say you are quite the gambler! LOL. I tried to grab everyone’s attention.

Did it work? No?

I know why.

You know Renee already had a SURE thing when she wrote Going Topless and guess what? You can check her out now over at:
You'll never go wrong with Renee!!!!




WHO WANTS FANTASY MAN???? You haven’t left your cover comments over at

Hugs! Destiny (who is thinking of another contest coming up straight ahead)

Destiny Blaine said...

Hi Jenny!

I just sent you an email so let me know if you don't receive the link!


Destiny Blaine said...

I have a winner of Fantasy Man!!!!

Duckie, thank you so much for visiting my blog. Please drop me an email to and I'll send you a free PDF file of FANTASY MAN! WOO! HOO! Thanks so much for playing.

Hugs, Destiny :))

Jennifer A. said...

I won?? Really?? Me!?! Cool!
Thanks so much, Destiny!

Destiny Blaine said...

Next Contest

I have a contest for everyone! Stop by my website and look around. Tell me which story or book intrigues you most by leaving a comment at

Make sure to leave your email address and I'll send you a surprise from my backlist titles! Hurry, contest ends at 12 midnight PST!

Destiny :))

Destiny Blaine said...

WOO! HOO! Go Duckie! Send me your email and then watch your in-box! Fantasy Man is on the way! :))

For those of you who want to find out more about FANTASY MAN, check out Whispers Publishing at or buy it from your favorite third party outlet!


Destiny :))

Destiny Blaine said...

I have to sign off for the night but will check my website comments tomorrow to see who I need to send a free PDF backlist file!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to be here today. Thank you DUCKIE for playing and then winning FANTASY MAN! Let me know what you think after you read it.

Finally, I want to thank Melanie for a phenomenal interview and one that will go down as one of the best interviews to date! Melanie, you rock woman! Thanks for making this so much fun!

And before I go, just a little sales push—here goes. Are you ready for this? Are you? ;))

I’m on the best seller list at Siren with Winning Virgin Blood!!! WOOT! *Sigh* Okay, everyone go pick your title now so you can tell me if you like my vamps or cowboys better! (Did that sales pitch work?) LOL!

Hugs and love to all!
Keep it sexy--read it hot!
Destiny Blaine

Unknown said...

Aww... You're welcome, Destiny! :) Thank you.

Come back anytime!

Savanna Kougar said...

Hi Destiny, just thought I'd say hi! And ride' em cowgirl. I'm with Melly on Beyond the Valley... please, oh, please, let him rescue me somewhere, anywhere, anytime!

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